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THREE free downloads when you sign up
PLUS everything we do from now on

Join our club for £5 a month. You'll get a digital download of everything we will put out from the moment you sign up.

We will send you at least one full length show a month, and the download will include all the usual GFS extras. And there's usually a lot of extras.

The shows will be available to club members a day or two before they are released to the public - you'll get an email to let you know.

As usual they can be downloaded or streamed directly from our website.


Sign Up Bonus

As soon as you sign up you can download or stream your choice of any THREE shows we've recorded since we started. There’s loads of great stuff here. Have a look at that list on the left hand side of the screen. Cor blimey.

ALSO as if by magic, anything physical you have bought from us at any point in the past will appear in your downloads section.

PLUS you should expect the unexpected. The idea is mostly to be a digital download club, but if this is a success I’ll be sending out badges and patches and all sorts.

How long do I have to sign up for?
You can unsubscribe from this crazy scheme at any time.

So I could just download the three free shows and eff off?
Yes you could. But we wouldn’t be very pleased about it.

Wow, this sounds too good to be true.

How does it work?
When you sign up, you will get your own personal download area. Then, you can choose your three free shows straight away to start filling it up, and any downloads you’ve previously bought will be automatically added in too. Then, every time we release something it will appear by magic in your download area, slightly before the show is made available to everyone else. We will send you an email when this happens.

What’s in the pipeline?
We are putting the finishing touches to brand new shows by Simon Munnery, John-Luke Roberts, Sooz Kempner, Phil Kay, Jo Neary and loads more.

Can I buy a non-recurring annual membership?
Why yes, yes you can. The link is over there on the right of the page. After you complete your purchase, you'll get an activation link for each membership you buy. You can click that straight away if the membership is for you, or forward it to a friend if you've bought it for someone else.

Can I sign up for a friend?
You better believe it. Yes. If you want to buy a club membership for a friend, buy them the annual subscription. You'll get sent a link which you can send on to them - it will ask them for their email address that that will get the goodies.

Is there any type of copy protection on the files?
No. We use the honour system here. All the files will be DRM free, so you can use them however you choose.

How do I cancel?
Cancel your subscription anytime either in your paypal account, or by emailing me - chris@gofasterstripe.com

Why are you doing this?
Three reasons:
1. People have been asking me to organise a scheme like this for ages.
2. I’m now confident that we’ve got enough shows in post production to carry us though for at least a year.
3. Mainly though, no one buys DVDs anymore and I’m panicking.


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