Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden

LIVE! actually


Against doctors' orders we present the dynamic duo of comedy legend
Barry Cryer (I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue), and former Fabulous Poodle
Ronnie Golden with a riotous, rip-roaring DVD of comedy and song.
Forget a combined age of 142, they deliver this with neither a safety
net nor Zimmer frame in sight!

A glorious mix of Barry’s legendary jokes and stories alongside
Ronnie’s skillful strumming and wicked wit make this a unique and
hilarious DVD.

Expect songs that deal with the burning issues of the day: voluntary
euthanasia, mobile phone frustrations, Stannah Stairlifts and John

The extras include an extended q+a with the audience, where you can
find out everything that the audience is interested in. Of course, it
is not long before Barry's showbiz anecdotes take over proceedings.

Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden

LIVE! actually

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'It may not be big or clever, but it is funny'
Steve Bennett, Chortle

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Technical Info

main feature - 1hr 12mins
extras - 42mins
DVD9 - 16:9
Region 0 - PAL
Stereo - In colour

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