Richard Herring

ménage à un

gfs-7Just two people short of a threesome

ménage à un sees Herring consolidate his position as one of the UK’s most uncompromising and innovative stand-ups in a show which deals with loneliness, only-ness and Onanism, and attempts to determine whether three-in-a-bed sex romps are really better than one-in-a-bed sex romps.

Along the way he reveals why Olivio is the most dangerous spread for the confirmed bachelor, claims that we can save humanity by having sex with sea creatures and discusses the existential angst of being a comedy character who exists solely to deliver a disappointing punch-line. He also provides the correct solution to the Riddle of the Sphinx, proposes that the English should rename apples ‘sky potatoes’ in order to demonstrate the ultimate folly of the French, and controversially calls for the disenfranchisement of the stupid.

Richard Herring

ménage à un

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“Herring produces some of the most inventive, original and funny stand-up at the festival.”
Steve Bennett, Chortle

“Herring simply improves with age…”
Brian Donaldson, The List

“The man’s real-life failures equal considerable onstage success… the stuff of great comedy.”
Brian Logan, The Guardian

“Brave and thought-provoking stand up.”
Les Dennis, The Daily Telegraph

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