Norman Lovett

Outside the Box


It's said that you shouldn't meet your heroes, but it turns out as long as your hero is Norman Lovett, then it's all OK. Norman is probably best known for his portrayal of Holly in Red Dwarf. And we've managed to fulfil another one of our comedy ambitions, spending time with him making this DVD.

It was recorded in September 2011, just after Norman finished a run in Edinburgh, so he's primed and red hot - not that you'd notice of course. Norman’s style of laid back surrealist whimsy masks the fact that he was “on fire” that night. Why not see for yourself and see if he doesn't become your hero too.

Oh – and extras you say? Well, there's a late night, after gig chat with Arnold Brown, who we happened to record the same night. The pair reveal just what it’s like to be a couple of old fellas doing comedy.

Norman Lovett

Outside the Box

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it’s just an hour of an elderly gentleman faffing about with things he keeps in a bag

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Running Time – 1hr 9mins
Extras – 44 mins
DVD9 – 16:9
Region 0 – PAL
Stereo – In Colour

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main show
running time - 68 mins
filesize (video) - 549mb
filesize (audio) - 89mb

Norman and Arnold's aftershow chat
running time - 48 mins
filesize - 346mb Download Info

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