Richard Herring

Talking Cock

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This is a reprint of Rich's excellent 2003 book.

It has many names - Knob, dick, schmuch, tool, percy, John Thomas, the bald-headed mouse, the yoghurt-spitting sausage, the spam javelin, the sergeant with one blue stripe who loves to stand to attention, the pink lighthouse that wants to draw you onto its rocks, the sentimental teaser, the crimson butterfly, Russell the fur-faced chicken.

It inspires lust, fear, awe and laughter.

Is an object of shame and when engorged, indecency. It can be a pound of flesh or an ounce of winkles. It can create life and condemn us to death.. And it can do wees as well!

This is the long out of print masterpiece by Richard Herring, reprinted by us here at GFS in time for Rich's next Edinburgh show and tour 'Talking Cock - The Second Coming'.

Richard Herring

Talking Cock

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Richard Herring's male answer to the Vagina Monologues is... and impassioned and thoughtful disquisition on masculinity, cultural identity and sexual anthropology. But don't let that put you off; there are still lots of jokes about porridge guns and weeing
The Observer

His Cock is as funny and fascinating for women as it is for men. I loved it. I only wish it had been longer...
Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

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