Fist of Fun - Series 2


Here's the second series of the a Fist 'o' Fun for you all.

And you can finally answer the questions that have plagued mankind for years.

Was this the series that suffered from being hastily written and having its budget cut by a third?

Or was it the better series as our heroes are more comfortable on screen, and have refined their ideas?

Whatever way you look at it, this is the series that has a special place in the nation's heart as it features the moon on a stick, Rod Hull and of course Ian News.

It's been another lovely, mammoth task putting this four disc set together. There's even more here than there was in series 1.

For a start, there's six episodes, all with commentary from Rich and Stew. And episode six has an additional commentary from Rod Hull, Simon Quinlank and Kevin Eldon.

And we've got all the series 2 studio tapes, so you can finally see the proper ending to Episode 1, the legendary Goldilocks and the Three Men sketch, The Bootleg Bootleg Beatles amongst many, many more golden nuggets.

There's another extensive collection of files and curios in our zipfile of extras

This DVD has had some cuts made to it for 'editorial reasons'. Sorry about that.

Fist of Fun - Series 2

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Series 1 is better
Stewart Lee

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Technical Info

main feature - 2hrs 56mins
commentaries - 3hrs 23mins
extras - 12hrs 25min

Commentary on all episodes by Rich and Stew
Commentary on episode 6 by Rod Hull, Simon Quinlank, Kevin Eldon
Subtitles for all episodes

4:3 (mostly)
Region 0 - PAL
Stereo - In Colour

Download Version Info

main shows
6 x running times - 29 mins
(with embedded commentary tracks)
filesize - 500mb

studio tape 1
running time - 1hr 54 mins
filesize - 1.4gb
studio tape 2
running time - 1hr 55 mins
filesize - 1.4gb
studio tape 3
running time - 1hr 48 mins
filesize - 1.5gb
studio tape 4
running time - 1hr 52 mins
filesize - 1.5gb
studio tape 5+6
running time - 2hr 24 mins
filesize - 2.1gb
zipfile of extras
scripts, interviews, photos, extended pilot and loads more
filesize - 1.3gb
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