Richard Herring

The Headmaster's Son

gfs-19So who's fault is it that Rich turned out the way he did?

In The Headmaster's Son, a nostalgic and faintly disturbing juvenile romp through the 1980s, Richard Herring considers what could possibly be worse than being a podgy, swotty, virginal schoolboy. What if your dad's the headmaster too?

Here's Rich's show, captured over two discs at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol, and on location at Rich's parent's house in Cheddar.

disc 1
main show
scene selection
preview version of the show
before we started filming

disc 2
Video Podcast II
The Pupil's Father
The Kings of Wessex
Rich's Diary
Great Fire of London (animation)
As It Occurs To Me (mini doc)
Who is Vigillio Anderson (music video)
The Girl Does Nothing (music video)

Richard Herring

The Headmaster's Son

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One of the most reliably entertaining performers at Edinburgh over the past two decades
The Independent

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main show
running time - 98 mins
video version - 1.1gb
audio version - 120mb

video podcast II
running time - 66 mins
filesize - 683mb
the pupil's father
running time - 25 mins
filesize - 268 mb
Rich's diary
running time - 19 mins
filesize - 223mb
The Kings of Wessex
running time - 19 mins
filesize - 230mb
Preview Version
running time - 41 mins
filesize - 501mb
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