Christian Reilly

Lost in Music (cd)

LIM (cd)

Here's a studio CD from AIOTM's Christian Reilly!

It features 12 songs from his 2014 show Lost in Music.

Here's a bit of blurb about the show

Perrier/Chortle award-winning musical comedian makes sense of your universe. Featuring David Bowie on Scottish independence, Lady Gaga on bullying, Prince on Manic Funksexiness Disorder, Iron Maiden on drone warfare and much more!

And here's the track listing

1. Food Labelling
2. 99 Problems With My Deliciousness
3. The Internet Killed Adult Literature
4. Ebeneezer Couldn't (The Ballad of BoJo)
5. Iron Baby (The Ballad of Margaret Thatcher)
6. A Boy Named NIKKK (Griffin)
7. I Think I'm Growing Extra Limbs (Japanses National Anthem, Post-Kukushima)
8. Lady Gaga's Anti-Bullying Song
9. A Muse on the Greedy Bankers
10. Integrity (Muse vs The Greedy Bankers)
11. Drone To The Hills (Iron Maiden Explain Why They Are Investing In Hybrid Air Vehicle Technology)
12. Dave Grohl Sings His Children To Sleep

Christian Reilly

Lost in Music (cd)

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