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RHLSTP #300 Richard Herring (interviewed by John Robins)

Socially Distanced

It’s a momentous occasion, not only the 300th numbered RHLSTP, but the first one since March in front of an audience. We’re at the prestigious Bill Murray pub in North London. Richard sits stage right for the first time (except when he interviewed himself for a kickstarter extra) and is being interrogated by John Robins behind a perspex screen.

But is it to save the audience from corona or the people on stage from the unguents that will doubtless be flung by the Die Hard fans in attendance (why have they come to this? Surely they should be watching a DVD of Bruce Willis). They chat about The Problem With Men, whether there are regrets about old material, the philosophy behind stone clearing, the Stewart Lee issue, skirting the line betwixt political correctness and comedy and playing with madness as we plummet towards old age and death. It’s the real Richard Herring, not the crazy character (mainly) and includes new Emergency Questions sent in by listeners: Time travel, desert island Johns and Robins, penises, Japanese porn and much more.

All the money raised from the sale of this download will go to Refuge.

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Richard Herring


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