Bridget Christie

Bridget Christie Minds The Gap


The complete first and second series of Bridget Christie’s award-winning series about modern feminism

Comedian Bridget Christie noticed that misogyny, like shiny leggings, has made an unexpected comeback. But did it ever really go away?

Bridget asks why feminism became a dirty word, and whether the modern British woman needs it. From a smell in a well-known bookshop to a pen designed especially for women, she looks at some of the more ridiculous things associated with being a woman. She ponders women's relationship with their bodies via a lap dance, TOWIE and a fish called Michael, asks who has the best sexism in the world, and discusses why twitter is a sexist's natural habitat. She explains what happens when you wear an 'End FGM' badge on a popular TV show, and tries to find a feminist icon who doesn't want to replace the word 'feminism' with 'bootylicious'.

The series’ token man Fred MacAulay helps her remember some of the key incidents which brought her to an epiphany and a call to arms.

Series 1 of Mind the Gap won the Rose D’Or International Broadcasting Award for Best Radio Comedy 2014 and the Chortle Award for Best Radio Series 2014. Series 2 won the Chortle Award for Best Radio Programme 2015.

Bridget Christie

Bridget Christie Minds The Gap

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4 x CD
Running Time - 3 hours 40 mins

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