Rosie Holt

The Woman's Hour


Meet the woman who's tearing up comedy and redefining truth: Rosie Holt!

Viral sensation and Chortle Award-winner Rosie Holt brings you The Woman's Hour, a comedic tour de force that's anything but ordinary. Forget bland stand-up – this is an immersive rollercoaster ride through the absurdities of modern life, all told through a kaleidoscope of hilariously outrageous characters.

Brace yourself for:

  • A satirical smackdown on the news cycle: Meet the right-wing opinionist with a knack for twisting facts faster than a politician in a tight spot. Hold on tight as Rosie exposes the spin, the bias, and the sheer ridiculousness of it all, leaving you gasping for air between laughs.

  • Political puppets on the hot seat: From the MP desperately clinging to a crumbling government, to a left winger, perpetually tripping over his own woke words, Rosie's characters skewer the political landscape with razor-sharp wit and uncomfortable truths.

  • A crash course in accidental fame: When the line between Rosie Holt and her satirical creations blurs, the laughs take on a whole new dimension. Watch as she navigates the minefield of viral fame, proving that truth can still be hilarious, even when it's staring you in the face.

But The Woman's Hour is more than just side-splitting satire. It's a celebration of individuality, a rallying cry for authenticity, and a reminder that laughter is the ultimate weapon against absurdity. So ditch the filter, embrace the chaos, and prepare to unleash your inner trailblazer with Rosie Holt as your guide.

Download The Woman's Hour today and:

  • Unleash a tidal wave of laughter that will leave you sore.
  • Challenge your perceptions and rediscover your own truth.
  • Join a tribe of fellow truth-seekers who refuse to play by the rules.

Don't miss your chance to experience the comedic phenomenon that's rewriting the rulebook on satire. Download The Woman's Hour now!

Rosie Holt

The Woman's Hour

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If she can stay in character long enough, she'll have a Telegraph column and a seat on Question Time by teatime
James O'Brien

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