Live at the Blue Lagoon

we've cracked music!

we need to sell another 291 (of 400) to make this record a reality.

note: this is a pre-order. If we don't reach our goal by 31st Aug 2024 we will refund everyone and forget this ever happened.

We're proud to present a brand new live album from the best band in the world - Darts! (You might know them from their 1978 debut album, also called Darts.)

Long time fans will remember their big hits - the likes of Daddy Cool, It's Raining or Duke of Earl- And their stage antics. Once you've seen Big Den Hegarty's stage antics you'll never forget them.

After the recording, we realised we had something special on our hands, so we're going to try and release the music on its natural home - the double LP.

This is a new venture for us - we know we've recorded one of the finest live albums to ever grace the format, but we need to sell 400 copies of it to break even- You can see above how many we have left to go. As soon as we reach the target I'll press the manufacture button, and you should get the record in your hands about six weeks later. And if we don't manage to reach our goal I'll refund everyone.

We've been hard at work recording and mixing these tracks - and they sound amazing.

And as I'm sure you've noticed, the album's artwork is beautiful. We've even managed to get an essay from Mark Lamarr.

If all this comes off, your purchase will include a download code to get the full album as an mp3 file. AND you'll get access to the video of the show which you can download or stream.


Live at the Blue Lagoon

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21 Tracks
Gatefold Sleeve
Printed inner sleeve
Essay from Mark Lamarr
75 mins runtime
Includes a video of the show

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Technical Info

Jam Up
Come Back My Love
My True Story
As Long As I'm Moving
Young Blood
Late For Work

It's Raining
Crazy Little Mama
Love Bandit
One Bad Stud
Sh Boom
Duke of Earl

I'm Mad
The Boogie
Sunday Kind Of Love
Ruby Baby
Boy From New York City
Daddy Cool

I Gotta Go Home
Goodnight Sweetheart

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