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Tony Law


gfs-28Stand by! It's Tony's second DVD!

Roll up one and all and witness the wonder and mystery of Tony Law’s Brainporium.

Behold Tony’s bits on Pirates, the perils of the misappropriation of another culture’s noise, and of course Gok Wan.

The show was recorded on the snowiest day of the year in Cardiff. So snowy in fact, that Simon Munnery spent the day stuck on the M40, and didn’t make it for his recording. This gave Tony the opportunity to perform an unrehearsed and unplanned twenty five minute long second half. Anything could happen!

This DVD also includes a bootleg recording of the Edinburgh performance this show evolved from, and a couple of other treats.

Tony Law


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Running time – 1hr 18mins
Extras – 1hr
DVD 9 - 16:9
Region 0 - PAL
Stereo - In Colour

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running time - 1hr 18min
filesize - 715mb

Brainporium bootleg
running time - 51min
filesize - 169mb

Deleted Scene
running time - 5min
filesize - 46mb

Home Videos
running time - 7min
filesize - 97mb

Glasgow Festival Promo
running time - 3min
filesize - 54mb

running time - 3min
filesize - 276mb Download Info

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