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Tony Law

Go! Mr Tony Go!


We didn't do this. Competition winner Tony got the show filmed at the
Soho Theatre in London as a prize for being the best ever comedian.
Congratulations Tony!

Tony Law is widely regarded by the comedy industry as one of the best
comics on the circuit. This year he is taking his own special brand of
funny to the road by asking the question we’ve probably all asked
ourselves at some point. Namely; Is Tony Law a way of doing comedy?

Mixing delightful, flawless twaddle, with some genuinely insightful
forays into what it is that makes comedy comedy (or anti-comedy), Tony Law (that’s Mr Tony Law to you) presents a standuppy, sketchy,
impro-ey, arty little comedy show for people who are already funny.

This DVD includes a 25 minute version of the Edinburgh run of the show
and an lovely chat between Tony's and his guitarist Duncan Oakley.

Tony Law

Go! Mr Tony Go!

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an utter shambles

Law’s genius for the random makes Salvador Dali look about as abstract as Constable … he’s maintained an intellectual’s eloquence

Go, Mr Tony, Go, indeed…

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Technical Info

Main show - 1 hour
Extras - 42 mins
DVD9 - 16:9
Region 0 - PAL
Stereo - In colour

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This download comes as an audio or video file.

video size 538mb
video format mp4 avc

audio size 61mb
audio format mp3

main show
running time - 60 mins
video - 538mb
audio - 61mb

aftershow chat
running time - 13 mins
filesize - 60mb
running time - 26 mins
filesize - 124mb
banker video
running time - 3 mins
filesize - 24mb

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