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Steve McNeil

Hey! Listen! (Live!)

gfs-106the dvd of the book

Book readings are rubbish.

So, when Steve McNeil was asked to do some book readings in support of his excellent book about the history of videogames, Hey! Listen!, he needed to come up with a plan.

Employing his stand-up skills, those of his long time tech collaborator Rob Sedgebeer, and director Paul Byrne, Steve set about working towards that seemingly impossible goal - the good book reading.

We present the fruits of their labours; Hey! Listen! (Live!). It's half standup, half game show, and as little book reading as possible.

Also included on the disc is:
- An exclusive interview with Steve, Rob and Paul Byrne
- 'WiFi Wars' 2015 show (their first annual lecture at the Royal Institution, London)
- Steve's 'History of Games' (Highlights from the first year of this YouTube series)
- Steve's 'Best of Twitch' clip compilation

That's nearly 2.5 hours of extras!

Steve McNeil

Hey! Listen! (Live!)

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Hey! Listen! (Live!)
running time - 61 mins
filesize 1080p - 2.4gb
filesize 720p - 1gb
filesize mp3 audio - 91mb

running time - 55 mins
filesize 1080p - 1.7gb
filesize 720p - 933mb

Twitch Highlights
running time - 12 mins
filesize 1080p - 339gb
filesize 720p - 184mb

History of Video Games
running time - 65 mins
filesize 1080p - 1.4gb
filesize 720p - 862mb

SteveCon Interview
running time - 11 mins
filesize 720p - 239mb Download Info

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