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Who Here's Lost?


It's 2020 - the year everything was cancelled. Amongst the things we lost was the new show by Ben Moor.

It was due to be performed at the Edinburgh Festival, and probably all round the country.

One part of the show has survived, and that's this book. Ben was going to sell them after each performance. Each copy is from the limited, numbered, first edition. And comes with a free badge.

This is from Ben -

So in lieu of the theatrical performances of Who Here's Lost? I have printed the text of the piece for to be read at leisure. This would have been on sale after the show to people who missed half the jokes (I tend to go fast) and so they can try and work out just what it was they'd been watching.

The book version also includes pieces I wrote in each of the last four decades:

  • From the 2010s - The Predicates - a weird parallel universe story, first presented at NN Contemporary Art in 2014.
  • From the 2000s - Glove Story - a tale of lost gloves and lost love, first published by The Idler in 2002.
  • From the 1990s - The Flower Whose Petals Were Mirrors - a fable from a strange place.
  • And from the 1980s - Shipwreck - a short monologue about a man in a boat.
  • Plus there's a Bit at the Back of the Book to explain the whole thing; and then there's trailers for Pronoun Trouble and BookTalkBookTalkBook.

The cover illustration is by the very excellent Jules Scheele, based on a photograph taken by the also excellent Andy Lane.

It's been wonderfully printed by Printbar who have done a fabulous job.

Ben Moor

Who Here's Lost?

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