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Ben Moor

More Trees To Climb

BEN-3with an introduction by Stewart Lee

It's with great joy that we have been able to snag a few copies of Ben Moor's lovely book for you all. It's a beautiful object - both to hold and to read. And it comes with a badge.

Love, loss and competitive tree-climbing are preoccupying the hero of 'Coelacanth'. This is a boy-meets-girl story with a twist, a tumble, several daring somersaults from the branches, and the discovery that love - like the coelacanth fish that was thought to be extinct - can lurk in the very darkest depths.

In 'Not Everything Is Significant', we meet a biographer who is suffering from writers' block and a footnoter who is a stickler for detail - together they're pondering the meaning of a diary that arrived mysteriously through the post and which appears to predict the future, prompting some very tricky questions about the nature of destiny.

Finally, in 'Supercollider for the Family' a husband and wife each face a challenge: he to build a 'supercollider' small enough for household use, she to complete a tightrope walk around the world. Their missions take us from a top-secret particle-physics lab deep underground to the vertiginous heights of a wire above a canyon, suspended like a slender silver thread between soil and sky.

Originally written for stage performance, laced with wit and bursting with imagination, these three disarming creations work a dazzling, moving magic on the page.

Ben Moor

More Trees To Climb

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