Lou Sanders

Another Great Show Again


A genderless riot from a little old force to be reckoned with.
Sanders goes hard-pedal without too much fuss.
Sanders generally, absolutely, ultimately nails it.
Sleaze: turned down. Clothed: fully.

This DVD features Lou performing her acclaimed Edinburgh stand up show for the final time, filmed at London's Soho Theatre.

Lots of DVD extras (some in the actual show), a few cameos (of people you may not know) and a pregnancy (kind of).

All topped off with a chesty cough.

All downloads come with a five minute interview and a pdf of the Lou's 2015 Calendar that features in the show.

Lou Sanders

Another Great Show Again

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Destined for hugeness
Time Out

Crazy off-beat surrealism! Something new is happening in comedy
The Independent

If you're not entertained by this, you've got a problem

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running time
main show - 49 mins
interview extra - 5 mins
calendar pdf - 12 months Download Info

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