Tony Law

an hour and some of tony law

gfs-13'Yeah.... Yeah! .... YEAH!!....'

'Yeah.... Yeah! .... YEAH!!....'
and so starts our rollercoster ride of a DVD with Tony Law. And things just go up from there.

Hear the truth about subjects others are too afraid to discuss like black bears, Belgians and the digeridoo.

He was mentioned in our very first release as 'the most reasonable guy I know' by TV's Stewart Lee. See just how reasonable for yourself in a little over an hour.

The sounds and pictures on this DVD are very lovely indeed, but we want to stimulate more of your senses. DVD technology has advanced to such a point that smells can now be encoded in its grooves. Tony has asked that his DVD should give off the aroma of strawberry. And it does, a bit. Admittedly, it smells more like a chemical strawberry that might well give you cancer, but still. It is our gimmick, and we are proud of it.

Here is a message from Tony -
WARNING: This is not a 'thinky thinky' show. This is more of a 'thunky thunky whow'.

Tony Law

an hour and some of tony law

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image description
Hugely entertaining
Time Out

To see Tony Law is to inhale deep breaths of comedy oxygen
The Herald

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Technical Info

running time 1hr 5mins
extras 55 mins
aspect ratio 16:9
region 0
format PAL
smell Strawberry

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main show
running time - 1hr 5mins
filesize - 800mb

after show chat
running time - 23 mins
filesize - 280mb
tony's home movies
running time - 8 mins
filesize - 111mb Download Info

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