Richard Herring

Christ on a Bike

gfs-353 disc set

Jesus Christ - Son of God! Saviour of mankind! Superstar!

Richard Herring - Son of Keith, a retired headmaster! Once saved a spider that had become trapped in his bath, only crushing three of its legs in the process! Hosted 10 episodes of a chatshow about poker on a satellite channel which subsequently closed down!

At first sight they have little in common. Or do they?

Join Rich as he answers this question, substantially reworking his first and favourite solo work, Christ on a Bike. Now ten years older than the Messiah when he died, has Herring achieved as much with his life?

Richard Herring

Christ on a Bike

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'I'm not saying I'm Jesus..... that is for other people to say.'

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main show
running time - 93 mins
filesize - 686mb

video podcast IV
running time - 75 mins
filesize - 761mb
rich cam
running time - 112 mins
filesize - 1.1gb
Richard Herring in Fiji
running time - 67 mins
filesize - 856mb
pyro peter
running time - 4 mins
filesize - 43mb
yahtzaa masterclass
running time - 12 mins
filesize - 95mb
the unforgivable sin
running time - 6 mins
filesize - 69mb
interview at the glee
running time - 26 mins
filesize - 337mb
frog and bucket heckler
running time - 12 mins
filesize - 85mb
emailed letters
running time - 22 mins
filesize - 75mb
a whole jesus
running time - 6 mins
filesize - 50mb

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