Thom Tuck

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Thom Tuck recounts heart-rending tales of love and loss, laying bare all the failures he's suffered in his relationships and drawing comparisons with the 54 straight-to-DVD Disney movies he's watched, so we don't have to. These underrated gems - perhaps rightfully ignored and forgotten - mirror his experiences with women he has loved too often and too soon.

A show with a huge heart, all about heartbreak in various forms

Thom Tuck's brilliant debut solo show was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Fosters Comedy Awards in Edinburgh 2011. He is also part of acclaimed sketch group 'The Penny Dreadfuls'.

Thom Tuck

goes straight-to-DVD

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...a seductive experience
The Guardian

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running times
main show - 53min
extras - 8mins
DVD5 // Region 0 //
PAL // Stereo // In Colour

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main show
running time - 53 mins
filesize 1080p - 2.1gb
filesize 720p - 809mb
filesize mp3 - 80mb

thom interview
running time - 8 mins
filesize - 131mb
cut bits
running time - 36 secs
filesize - 80mb Download Info

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